My First Kill


Yes, I shot him. He was after all an enemy, wasn’t he?

I asked myself, am I inhuman for doing my job?

I looked into his eyes, they were moist.

Probably remembering his wife and kids back home, remembering those moments which led him to choose the path that resulted in his death.

So, I asked myself again, am I inhuman for depriving a child of her father, for depriving a wife of her husband?

I looked around and saw mutilated bodies; some were of friends’, some of strangers’.

So, I wondered, would this be my fate too?

All I know is, I’m a soldier and I have to kill and die for my country.


The Tightrope Walker

Parched was his throat,

and his stomach funnily growled,

the sound of which was drowned,

in the pandemonium of the crowd.


His feet started to tremble,

the sun too strong on his slender body.

He couldn’t do this anymore,

walking on this thin rope high up in the air.


He pleaded with his eyes,

but a glare from his master silenced him, perhaps forever.


One more step and he felt light, his body floating through the air,

one last thud, and he smiled, his sorrows over for a lifetime.

Ways of Life!

There are many ways of life they say,

some take time and some start right away.

But for all those events to take their place

there is a wheel of time that says

ripening is felt by those who wait

coupled with the weight of fate.

Not a single soul can escape

destiny’s mystic yet colorful drape.

There are many ways of life they say

Its only time before each event unfolds

after every night comes a beaming day.

So much out there is yet to be conquered, so much yet to gain.

But as the adage goes :Nothing comes without pain

You have to leave your sorrows behind

and march ahead to become one of a kind.

Know thy quest and follow thy master

for there is nothing more to a diamond than its lustre.

Every bud is a drop of divine, waiting for itself to bloom with radiance.

Only with thy grace shall I come to find,

my place in thy world and play sublime.