How lucky they must be!

An ebullient young couple,
Strolling down the street,
Holding hands tightly,
And smiling while they speak.

A blue Cadillac passes them,
In which a “star couple” they could see,
The couple coveted the lavish stars,
“How lucky they must be”

The stars in the Cadillac,
Notice the couple on the street,
Who are holding hands tightly,
And smiling while they speak.

The liberty to roam the streets,
So unbridled and free,
How unrestricted their life is,
“How lucky they must be”




The Sunset Sky

Streaks of purple and tangerine, as far as the eyes can see. Somewhere I see a hint of blue, peeking out from the gradient of colors. Birds are little pecks, wandering about in empty space. Trees are dark shadows, silhouettes against the sky. The air is still, retiring for the day. The atmosphere isn’t electric, but rather melancholic. The sun steals glances from gaps between buildings. And as the orange giant bids goodbye, it leaves behind soft rays that grace the sky.


This transitional moment is a magnificent sight. Every moment, is consistently random. Every sight, more beautiful than before. Every day it’s the same colors, the same sun, the same sky. But something makes it unique, every time. The slowly changing gradient accentuates the vastness of the sky. Never in the day is the sky more interesting. The sun keeps setting, leaving all his artwork behind. Eventually, the artist, tired for the day, spills ink over the canvas and rests for the day.

The Tightrope Walker

Parched was his throat,

and his stomach funnily growled,

the sound of which was drowned,

in the pandemonium of the crowd.


His feet started to tremble,

the sun too strong on his slender body.

He couldn’t do this anymore,

walking on this thin rope high up in the air.


He pleaded with his eyes,

but a glare from his master silenced him, perhaps forever.


One more step and he felt light, his body floating through the air,

one last thud, and he smiled, his sorrows over for a lifetime.

Why Gossip is so Hip?

I think gossip is shallow. I think it’s pointless. It wouldn’t harm anyone if missed, but is missed by no one. It seems like there’s no escape from it. No respite from the constant nagging. Insignificant aspects blanket us, but I wonder why people choose to acknowledge them. One might argue: You’d have to know what’s insignificant to know what isn’t. It might be true, but that doesn’t imply that we make it a habit to blab about the superficial aspects and side-step the truth.

Gossip is rooted into our voguish lifestyle. Sometimes we may not even initiate it, but not being able to refuse it, is also a crime in itself. What I hate the most about gossip, is that it affects my opinions about people. I like my opinions (of people) untouched, unaffected by the views of others. But negative gossip comes in the way. Nothing good comes out of it. It spoils my perspective and the way I think. Personal stuff about people, of which I can guarantee no authenticity, requires me to challenge what I think of them, questioning my self-formed opinion of them. I don’t like that.

I fear what people talk about me behind my back. Truth is, I don’t think I want to know. Cause I’d have this constant nagging in my head which would prevent me from being me. It breaks trust and widens the rift. It isn’t fair to the people who confide in us.

Nobody likes a know-it-all. Nobody can trust someone who talks out of turn. People tend to gossip because they surrender to the temporary pleasure it provides. We feel tempted to quench the thirst of our inquisitive minds. Curiosity can lead us on a wrong path sometimes. And as the saying goes, ‘Curiosity killed the cat’.

Although, I have been presented with a different perspective too. Gossip can in some ways help. For example:- Suppose your colleague in office recently lost her husband leading to depression and indifferent behavior in the office since the past few days. If you were to know this fact through gossip, you’d have a chance to understand the situation and show sympathy towards her.

But if you think about it, you didn’t necessarily need to know that through gossip. It was a fact that didn’t really require discretion. It could’ve been politely put forward to her colleagues. Maybe they could ask her to take a break while they cover for her or they could find other ways to cheer her up. Although gossip did help, it didn’t have to be in the picture.

Gossip may not seem all bad, it never does. But it isn’t exactly a healthy habit for a stable society. I feel it robs us of the chance to frame independent perspectives on people and the world around us. The mere fact that it is an act that requires secrecy suggests that it might be wrong. The fear of being overheard only proves it. I personally feel that it is important to curb it and bring it to a bare minimum. I think people do realize this but I still wonder why gossip is so hip.

Cause Everybody Can’t be Me.

Some people talk only when it seems fit,

Maybe they’re too busy;

I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it,

That everybody can’t be me.


I don’t get it the way I want,

Maybe I should be flexible and free;

But that sick feeling always pokes around,

That everybody can’t be me.


I can only act like I belong,

Maybe I’m not what they see;

It’s a constant reminder while moving along,

That everybody can’t be me.


I hate to goof around and give  fake smiles,

It’s not my cup of tea;

I quit when it dawns after a while,

That everybody can’t be me.


I wonder if people think the same,

Maybe they have their own plea;

Sometimes I sigh, “Oh what a shame!

That everybody can’t be me”.


We want birds of the same feather. We can probably never be in a place where getting along with others will take nothing but being oneself. So what do we do then?


Well if it were up to us, we’d have the whole world dancing on it’s toes. We like people for what we think of them and what we’d like them to be rather than for who they are. We create a mental version of them which is strewn by our experiences with, and opinions of them. We engage in constant conflict to match this version to reality and feel frustrated otherwise.


Everybody has their own approach, their own perspectives, making them unique. But we often forget to acknowledge that,  because we cozily cuddle in our comfort zones, smugly believing we’re right.


We try to change them to our liking in order to feel comfortable. We thus miss out on a brand new personality that may open our eyes to a different perspective.


Change makes us uncomfortable. First opinions stick. Someone is termed ‘Different’ , quicker than ‘Unique’. People take time to identify potential, slower than they call names.


But one should have faith in one’s own ideals. They are to be preserved and cherished. Only the worthy deserve to hear them. In fact, they’re the only ones who can value them.


Change is important. It’s quite necessary. When we’re not around birds of the same feather, it’s okay to adopt another persona, but it’s foolish to mask our personality.

Women Empowerment

Hindus celebrate numerous festivals throughout the year, every year. 330 million goddesses are worshiped, knowingly or unknowingly. But it is ironic that a woman is raped every 15mins, every day. The reports are unsettling. These staggering rape statistics are something to be ashamed of. Gender bias still has it’s roots in our society, it never surfaces but it reeks the whole community. Male dominance is still considered okay in many households. This form of thinking has to change.

We live in a country where even uttering the words “rape” or “molestation” is taboo. If rape is a crime, then it’s a sin not to talk about it.

It is a topic of a conversation that never happened.

Doing wrong is a sin, but knowingly letting wrong happen is unforgivable. To do right, one needs to know what’s wrong. It’s a frame of reference that lays down essential restrictions. In this case, it more relevantly applies to men. Boys, at a tender age itself, need to be groomed to become gentlemen and not just ‘men’.

The streets are filled with brutes who pass lewd comments on women passing them by. Sexist slurs and vulgar name-calling, for them, are a form of amusement. Makes them feel more powerful and manly.

What goes through a women’s mind when that happens is heart-breaking. She feels immensely embarrassed. Fear grips her heart and chills run down her spine. Her breathing becomes heavy, as if she’s been suddenly hit by claustrophobia. Her hands and feet start to go numb and indecisiveness kicks in. The incident traumatizes her for a long time, giving her nightmares. It scars her for the rest of her life.

Directly or indirectly everyone is responsible. Kids must be taught to value men and women equally. A good parent has to inculcate in the child, feelings of respect towards women. It all starts at the family level.

It’s high time that one’s opinions and views on this topic are debated openly. When the crime takes place and the victim is so publicly shamed and outcast by this hypocritic society, it is only fair that it’s solution be discussed openly too.

One should learn to be more open minded. Our conscience must be right and refined. A community, as a whole, has to make sure that it is safe for women.

Most importantly, women must create themselves opportunities to voice their own opinions. A strong platform that gives them the chance to emotionally connect to their male counterparts. To explain their plight better and expose the evils of harassment.

Women must grow to be independent. They are of equal, or even more, caliber. Intolerable behavior must be publicly shunned. Friends and family must correct each other. An issue left unattended is something that keeps magnifying. And issues resolve by talking.

Disdainful behavior cannot be overlooked. It is in no way ‘fun’, or ‘just a harmless tease’. Feelings of lust and love have clouded the judgment of molesters. They live in a dreamy world that’s far from reality.

Lack of human touch and proper social interaction can actively develop such feelings. Wrong peer groups or improper guidance also have the same effect. These emotions build up subconsciously and poison the mind. Modern day’s mechanical lifestyle can further suppress these emotions which one day boil up and vent out as frustration, resulting in a crime.

It is thus of grave importance, that media, which this generation is so hooked on, portrays women as strong personalities and not as easy targets. Which would in fact be true. More focus must be laid on quality of character and not on aesthetics.

Considering the present situation, women need support. The day it’s proved otherwise, is most awaited for.

What if we could live on Forever?

Past is history. As we tread forward, we leave footprints behind, most of which are washed away in time. But some, we choose to nurture. Things that collectively built our character. Moments that we wish to reminisce. We call them, memories.

We lock them safely inside the archives of our mind and prioritize them, to only let the best get in. We harbor profound knowledge in cerebral intricacies. A myriad of experiences that stir emotions in our heart. All the memories put together make the story of our lives….but what happens to them when we cease to exist? Where does all that go? Can we get them back?

Scientists believe that it might be possible. Science, over the years, has made tremendous progress. Recent research shows that troublesome memories can be selectively deleted.

Check out the article below:-

troublesome memories

Source:- Inshorts

It is a major leap in medical advancement. Science fiction has an interesting approach to immortality though. It proposes, that if we could capture our memories and load them into a robot, we would live on forever, feeding only on electricity. We’d all have robotic voices and probably sound like Stephen Hawking, only less smart. We’d literally be heartless and I wonder if it’d matter.

Maybe one day we’ll have complete control over our mental insecurities and fully understand its complexity. Maybe we’ll find a way to prolong our legacy. Maybe we’ll heed witness to the magic of immortality when science redefines it. Maybe the day it happens, is right around the corner.