The Beautiful Monsoons

Drops of silver splash on the mud, splattering on the leaves that make them sway in rhythm. Birds chirp away their tensions, announcing the rain to far away places. The front yard is lush with bright green leaves that glint in the faint sunlight filtering through the clouds. The sweet smell of wet soil diffuses in the air. Little channels of water slither away to find pools of muddy water. Paper boats sail their way down the stream that blankets the road.

I sit by the window, and witness the magic unfold. It never seems to get boring because every scene happens to be unique. Although these events aren’t unprecedented, their randomness keeps my idle watch interesting. Rain, I feel, has a way of beautifying things.

Cloudy overcast gets me excited. I enjoy reading a novel by the window while sipping hot tea. I occasionally look out while flipping through pages. I put on my headphones and listen to songs sometimes. There’s always a conflict while choosing between the two pass-time activities.

At times I end up gazing aimlessly. The moody atmosphere makes me crave for tranquility. Random thoughts swirl in my mind. Memories surface, triggering nostalgia. It makes me poetic and rekindles the author in me. Hence this thought journal.